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Light & Life Christian Fellowship



Light and Life Christian Fellowship is a church that's been around for a while. Ever since the 1990's, we've been all about diversity and reflecting the love of God into the community.


Reach, Teach, Mend and Send; that's our slogan and the code we live by. Letting the love of God flow through us like a river, into Long Beach and beyond. Reaching the lost, teaching them the ways of God, mending the brokenness in our community, and sending out our best to spread the Good News.


We've sent countless ministers out to spread the gospel in hundreds of cities, states and countries. We call this the River Church model, instead of hoarding resources, most of ours are spent on outreach, missionary work, and church planting.

We give out free T-shirts to newcomers, and have other merch for sale on-site and online. Not for branding, but to represent the LLCF family. Come and see what the Lord is doing with us!   

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